Secret Tunnels, Little Fuzhou and Giant Pandas

The NY Metropolitan area is by far, the largest ethnic Chinese population outside of Asia. The NY Metropolitan areas has an estimated 780,000 people of Chinese decent living there.

One of nine Chinatown neighborhoods in New York City, none are as rich as Manhattan Chinatown. Historic, with a rich, deep culture and legend, one of those legends - its secret tunnels, things that even New Yorkers don't know about.
Here is a great video you can actually check out an old tunnel tied to gang violence, a museum in a freight elevator, and the tallest Buddha statue in NYC.


Little Fuzhou

(小福州, 紐約華埠 Xiǎo Fúzhōu, Niǔyuē Huá Bù), or Fuzhou Town (福州埠 Fúzhōu Bù), a prime destination status for immigrants from the Fujian Province of China, is a neighborhood in the Two Bridges and Lower East Side areas of the borough of Manhattan in New York City in the United States. The term is now also being used to describe a similar neighborhood developing rapidly in the adjacent borough of Brooklyn. Manhattan's Little Fuzhou is centered on the street of East Broadway, bordering its main Chinatown / Manhattan's Little Hong Kong/Guangdong. Read More

Pregnant Panda

The National Zoo's giant panda Mei Xiang is showing signs of being pregnant, the Washington Zoo said on Monday, in a good development for the endangered species. Mei Xiang, a star tourist draw in the U.S. capital, has shown a secondary rise in her urinary progesterone levels starting on July 20, the zoo said in a statement. The increase "indicates that she will either have a cub or experience the end of a pseudo pregnancy within 30 to 50 days," the statement said Smithsonian National Zoo Read More